virtual spirit berlin

These photographs are my impressions of life in Berlin. They represent situations and moods, most of them made at my favourite

time of the day- the nighttime. As moods are more an abstract than a definite thing , I preferred to make these photos

like dissolving views rather than sharp images. So they leave room for catching the mood. All photos were made with my

digital camera Epson PC 3000 Z, without flash and without digital reprocessing. If you prefer 'regular' photos or like

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leise, barlight, loungers, vj, Leiseclub, delicious, eimer, delicious doughnuts, digital spirit, ejay, no title, E-Werk, nightshift, no way, deli, winter flow, morning sun, campfire, K77, creatures, glam, time warp, blumenladen, gestalten, crowd, maria


copyright for all photos by Dirk Brinkmann Berlin 2000-2002